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Subject: survivor/offender, the cycle of abuse.

.........  i Too, am a survivor. and I ask, "how could They have done this to me?" . "Why have they done this to me? ... I was Innocent. i had done nothing to them. but they hurt me, Raped me. Shamed Me. They have Abused my body, and Stolen My Soul. They Stole My Life from me. ...  "WHY have they done this To Me? ... "How DARE They Do This to Me???" ... They have Offended Me!!! ...  I will make them PAY for what they have Done to me! ...

  ... I will Hurt them, as they hurt Me!!! ... I will make them Fear, as they Made Me Fear. ... I will make them feel Pain, as they Made Me feel Pain. ... I will shame Them, as they Shamed Me. ... I will Take from Them, that which they have Taken from Me. ... I will murder Them, As they Murdered Me!!! ...

  ....    Congratulations!!!

    You have just become a Victim.  

 A "Spiritual" Victim. In a War against Satan. Only in Society, (the flesh), they will call you an Abuser!!! ... An OFFENDER!!! .... For in truth and in Deed, you have become a Child of the Devil, seeking Vengeance, for that which was done to you. It is now YOU who is doing the Hurting. And you find yourself Surrounded by the enemy. Waiting, to do harm to you. Waiting, to Hurt you.

  You live in fear, and Act in desperation. You trust No One, but hold Everyone in Contempt. You have built up so many walls that you can not see, that it is You, who has become your Own worst enemy.   And IF, you have Any friends or family Left, it is only because They live in Fear of YOU!!! Living in Fear, that they can not even Speak to you without You becoming EnRaged in Offense, and then Avenging yourSelf, with a Hail Storm of Fire and Brimstone. For as your soul burns in hell, in your spirit, you are Death. And having no life to live but for Vengeance sake, you are all Empty inside. Eaten up, by Hatered, Bitterness, and Fear. You are in Hell.

   ........  There is only One Way Out. But will you Chose? For the only difference between You, and Jesus, is that while Jesus feared Not for His life, but Despised the shame. YOU, For/in fear OF the shame, became OFFENDED in the Shame!!!  ... "How DARE They Do this to ME!!! . And now, Worse than shame that was put upon you, You have Fallen from the Grace of God. All because You Can Not Forgive those who have hurt you. . And where no mercy is shown, None shall be given. ... Thus You have lost your Peace, your Joy, and your love. And there is nothing left but hatered, bitterness, fear, and Judgement. As you now War against those who have hurt you, it is now You who is doing the Hurting.

  ... And That's why, You are an Offender!!! Just like the one, or one'S, who murdered you! ... You are now seeking your Own Justice. And Measuring it, by your own Self-Righteousness. By your own Pain. You now Use your disgrace and shame, as your god-like Authority, even AS god, to shame and disgrace Those who Have offended you, and Those who offend you even Now. ... Returning Evil for Evil. ... ... Saying; "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth." , "I will hurt them, as they have hurt me".  "It is Justice and Love that I Serve." .. And in Judging your offenders saying "they Deserve to Die", or, in the case of pedos, "they deserve to be Loved", so have you condemned yourself. For it is now You, who is their offender, even as much as they are yours. Where does it Stop???  

      ... ooh, It is an Evil Spirit, this Demon of Offense.  He Controls and Manipulates us thru/with Fear, with/in Guilt and Shame. ... He Blinds us with Hate, and Anger. He is Oppression. and in our souls we readily accept him, for *in him* we can Hate our Offenders, while holding ourSelves in *Innocence*.

    ... ooh, he is an Evil spirit, this spirit of offense. He Tricks us into a spirit of hate and anger by Lieing to us, saying; "SEE what they have Done to you." "How Dare They do this to You!", . "they must Pay for what they have done to you." And then The Demon Comes. The Demon, whose name is RAGE!!! And he is us, as we have Allowed ourselves to become Offended.

  ... The spirit of Offense is an Evil spirit. He feeds us his Evil Fruit, (harsh words, offensiveness, rape, sra ) that we may become like him, (being Victimized), and living in Hatered and Bitterness, Fear and Rage. ... yet not living, but Dieing, in self-pity and Torment.

  ... in self-pity for as much as we are the offender, so are we also the Victim. (causing victim empathy as we are them who we hurt). Yet now being filled with the fruit of Offense, (victimized), we become offenders. For we Are what we Eat.

    ... And in TorMent, for as much as we are the victim, so are we also the offender/devil. (which is why we hate our victims, even as much as we hate ourSelves, = co-dependence = i hate you, love you) Now Feeding Our Own Evil Fruit to those we love, and Hate. even to our own brothers. Even to our own Families. ... Is there Bitterness, and Strife in your family? ... or, Are you Divorced? ... Victimized by a Devil from Hell? Are You that Devil? , or is there a Demon Inside you, controlling and Manipulating you? ... You will Know them by their Fruits.

    ....... Remember, all of you, that Whatsoever you should Sow, That shall you also Reap. weather that should be forgiveness, bitterness, or Judgement, is of course, up to You. For all power and authority has been given unto the son of man that the devil should have No power over you, but what You Give him! That by your Own Choice, you are led of an evil spirit.

  ........ To the survivor, who would say that they are Not Offended, and neither do they Offend, that they are "Innocent", I will say. "Get thee Behind me, Satan! For thou are an offense to me." ... But then, what do You care? but about yourSelf, and those who have offended YOU.

  .......... And to All of you, who are the Sexually Abused. Do you not now sexually abuse your Spouses? Is your spouse so sexually Deprave, (or raped), that they Too have become Offended? . Or, Are you married to a Worm, a Coward, a Submissive?, Someone who, Now You can Control, even as you Were controlled? Are You, the Oppressor? , ... If so then Beware! . For the Day of Judgement is Come. When the Dead shall rise, and the meek, Shall inherit the earth. And it will then be You, who will be Made to submit. To God!!!

......... since coming to this group, if i have learned one thing it is this; I had Much rather be an offender who Knows he's an offender, than to be an offender, who believes he is an Innocent. For this man is Deceived of himself. And is Lost in Darkness.

    ........  HowEver! To the Offender, who Knows that he is an offender, and has repented of his sin, for those of you who would Endure the Pain, yet Despise the Shame, that they may Not become offended, I say this;

  "You have been Forgiven of your sins, by the Christ, Jesus. Even of those sins you have not yet committed, you are Forgiven! . Why? . Because Jesus Too, was an Offender. Which is why we murdered him. Because He Offended us, saying; "Repent of your sins!". .

So I, *we*, Murdered Him. And now His Blood, is on My Hands. And yet, because we could *Not* offend Him. Even in murdering Him. He Forgave me. Even as He has Forgiven You! That you should not be held in Bondage to your sin. The sin, of Unforgiveness. Therefore, let us who Are offenders become like Him. Having no offense *in* us, by which we should offend. But only Forgiveness, by which we can Forgive those who have murdered us. Remembering, that they Too, are a "spiritual" victim. A Victim of Satan.  

 .... But Be WARNED!     
for Satan, as /survivor/victim/Offender, Will Come. , and he will Accuse you, and Persecute you, Blame you, and Shame you. Tempting you to sin again.
... Tempting You, to become Offended!!! ...   

  The Bait of Satan is to become Offended. Even in your own Self.

... And IF, he/satan/survivor/victim can offend you with Shame. If he can Condemn you with Guilt. If he can Convince you that you are Worthless, and vial. Your Victim, will become your Offender, and like the "innocent", if you can not Forgive them, you will become Offended, even by their innocence. And you will Sin/kill/rape Again, and again, and Again. And the Cycle will Continue Forever and ever. And for All Eternity, your Soul will Burn in Hell. Being Tortured by what They have done to You, while at the same time being Tormented, by what You have done to Them. And to your Self! For it was by your Own Will, that you became Offended. And their shall be Weeping and Gnashing of teeth.

  ........ If you are an Offender, living in repentance/recovery, Know then that the Christ, Jesus has Forgiven you. But if you are an "Innocent", If you have Not the Blood of the Christ on your hands, How then, Should He forgive you? ... You shall then be left, to find your Own Way into heaven. Even as a child of the devil. By your Own Righteousness, by your own Works, and By Your Own Judgement. By which, you shall surely DIE.

  ... Jesus said; "he who Hates his brother, is a Murderer." If then I have Offended anyone by my Stand in Christ, let them be Offended! For as He is in me, and I in Him, we are the Rock by which you shall stumble. For Jesus IS Forgiveness. Through Whom, we must All pass. He is the Only way, lest we find ourselves, living in Sin, and Dieing in Hell.   .

  ... "Father. Forgive them. For they know not what they do." ...   ~eq   .