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Dallas Texas, Aug. 1996... HOT! DRY!
No Rain in site.

Decided to go Scuba Diving at Lake Whitney.
I Went to the Lake Whitney Scuba Center
to have my air tanks filled.
There I met a man by the name of
John Carberry.
The New owner.

John has since sold the Lake Whitney Scuba Center,
and is Now the Proud owner of

The Lake Air Scuba Center
430 Lake Air Dr.
Waco, Texas 76710
Phone 254-399-0126 Fax 254-399-0362

As I walked threw the door, there he was,
all Smiles and Greetings to Welcome me
to the NEW Scuba Center.

As the tanks were being filled,
we begain to talk.
And to make a long story short,
I found out this guy was Really Cool.
John had been to many Exotic Dive Sites
all over the world.
But his favorite is COZUMEL.

Mitchell, he said,

Life is Good, in Cozumel.

You wont beleive it, he said.
"The Sites, The Sounds, the People",

The next thing I know,
I'm boarding an ASA 727 to COZUMEL, MEXICO.
My First trip out of the country.
My First trip on an AIRPLANE???

Holy Smoke! ScubaDiving 100ft below
the surface of the Ocean is on thing,

But, 30,000ft in the AIR!!!


YES! and Big Ones too.
But that didnt stop our pilot. I think
he must have been a Navy pilot, cuz,
as the Rain Poured down, He Hit the Gas.

We took off down that run-way like a Wet Bullet.
Slipping and Sliding SideWays as the Wind was
Blowing us down the run-way.

Then it Happen, the plane Lifted-off, and


We Hit something,

No, Were still fliying???

WOW! Those must be AIR-Pockets.
Their like Large Waves Slaming into a small ship.
And this Ship Getting Slammed.

I look across the isle at John,
(to see if its time to Jump Ship)
He's sitting there Laughing and Talking
and haveing a Good time.

"JOHN" I said, Is This Normal?
John said, "I've flown over 1,000,000 miles on blah, and blah, blah, blah. I'm just glad we didnt get Delayed".

A Severe cross-wind Slams into the side
of the 727 throwing us Sideways on take-off.
Wham. WHAMM! Another Pocket,
Were losing altitude,

The Pilot Throws the Engines into


The plane begins to straighten,
Wham, Wham, 2 more pockets,
still climbing, MORE POWER, still climbing,
Pockets are further apart now as
we clear the tops of the cloads,
The Captain announces;

"Ladies and gentleman,
we have been DIVERTED from our original course,
out around the Storm.

All the way out to NEW Mexico.
It took us so far out of the way,
we now had to stop in HOUSTON, to REFUEL.
(yeah right, the pilot had to clean out his Pants)
Anyway, were back in the air,
and on our way to COZUMEL.


With its Beautiful and "CLEAN" Streets,

Scenic Sites,

Friendly People,



On Sunday night, the island natives
Dance in the Main Plaza.

The Hotel


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Mitchell Seven
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