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  • Rodale's ScubaDiving Magazine -- Absolutly the Best! Rated #1 by Mitchnet's CooL Site.
  • Dives Alert Network -- Just to be Safe. Go with DAN.
  • PADI -- Learn Scuba Diving with PADI
  • U S DIVERS -- Everything you need.
  • Dive Dallas -- Upcoming Events
  • TEXAS Scuba Diving -- Texas Scuba Diving Hot Spots
  • Search for Texas Scuba Shops -- Search for the Scuba Shop closest to you.
  • The Scubadillo Dive Club -- The Scubadillos are some of Texas Finest Divers. An Excellent website.
  • Cozumel Fan Club -- Join in with other friends of COZUMEL...
  • Cozumel Home Page -- Hotels, Dive Shops, Restaurants, and more. Start Here.
  • -- Flight Information.
  • Cozumel Mexico Quintana Rue -- LOTS of Island Information here.
  • Adventure Tours -- Costa Rica, Mexico, and the Carribean And, "COZUMEL"
  • Bahamas Tourist Guide -- Its Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Check out the sites.
  • Scuba Times -- Online Scubazine. I dont subscribe to this one, so I can't tell you any thing about it.
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